Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Repented Leisure

I had known Jack most of my life, sharing my time with him in Primary school,high school and later at college.He was a very confident boy whose ability was well recignized both academically as much as on the sporting field. His family were successful farmers who had invested well, and as a consequence he had become accustomed to enjoying the good life to the point that he had become self centered and self indulgent as well. His care free attitude was reflected in the company that he kept and in the manner that he treated them. He married quite early in life and by the time he was in his mid twenties he had three delightful daughters. It was about this time that his personality became more aggressive towards the family and especially his wife as his demands became more self centered. This trend continued for some time as his inability to cope with life and the responsibilities of parenthood began to strangle the marriage. The offer of counselling had no real appeal to him at all as everything that was wrong was all attributed to the failings of his wife. It became clear to her that the marriage was in real trouble , so she sort professional help, but still he refused to participate only intensifing his gile towards her at every point.Finially after many attempts she decided that a trial separation was the only way that she could gain some peace. Even then he continued to accuse her of the most outrageous offences that had dinted his much inflated ego, and his ability to rely on her , and to dominate her was fast deminishing before his very eyes. His situation became much worse when it became evident that he been having a relationship with one of his wives old girl friends as well. This brought a quick reply from his wife in the form of a request for a formal divorce, which he had no option but to conceed. It was some considerable time later after the marriage had well and truly ended that he stated to one of his last remaining friends , "that a good woman is worth more than her weight in gold ".